Today you can find an Android phone with every third person you come across. Android operating system has become the most popular version for use in mobile phones. It’s acquired the popularity basically among Smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Having a phone like Android one can achieve a task in some instant of time. Since this operating faced a rapid growth within some decades, many of the manufactures ported their mobiles to be produced with Android OS. Currently, there are many competitors arising for Android phones. However, these phones face data loss problems



Let us discuss about one common scenario, where you were using your Android phone. You were changing some of the settings and on selecting some option the phone prompted that you phone as to be reset for this option to work. Without your knowledge you pressed “Yes” and completed the changes. Later when you were going across your saved file, you found that some of them were missing. For your back luck the lost files were one among your most valuable files. In such situations what will be your next plan? Recovery is what can help you now. To accomplish this task you can opt for a recovery tool available in the present market. One of the most prominent is described here i.e. Android Data Recovery tool. Before you know about of this software let us have a brief discussion about the events causing a data loss.

Suppose you have brought a new Android phone. You were making a check over the phone options with full excitement, accidentally you came across this factory reset option and with a lot of curiosity you pressed on it to know what this option actually does. But after doing this for your astonishment you found that some of the file you saved on your phone in just minutes back are gone missing. This foolishness lead to the loss of the only copy of the files, you had preserved for a long time. In case you have lost the files from SD card take a brief look in the given link to for more info 

Sometimes mishandling the device can also cause data loss. Take for example one of the common case where you handle your device to a kid. When the kid was operating your device, he unknowingly pressed on factory reset option. When you were handed your mobile back you noticed that some of your important files were missing.

Apart from these scenarios a user can lose data from Android phones due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, using unreliable software to edit or change file extensions. All these apparently lead to the loss of your valuable file from your Android device. Visit: to know how to retrieve deleted video files from your Android Smart phone in few simple steps.

Whatever may be the data loss scenario Android data recovery software is always there for your help. This software is designed by a team of experts to restore the data deleted due to factory reset option. Having this software one can restore files from HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Ericson, Motorola etc. On completing the Android recovery you will be able to preview the file's content.

This tool supports all the versions of the Android operating system such as Ginger, Honeycomb, Jellybean and many other popular ones. It can assist you to recover images, documents, videos, audios, graphics etc. Check the link for more information regarding photo recovery. Go for the demo version of this software to know the simplicity of this software and how effective this software works. By using this software you can also restore Android Tablet data such as, videos, pictures, music files etc. either, accidentally deleted or lost from it or due to various other reasons with ease.

Steps to recover files after factory reset:

Step 1: Install the demo version of the software on your Windows PC. Connect the Android phone to your system and make sure that it is detected. Launch the home page

How to Restore Data on Android Phone After Factory Reset  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: From the first screen select either "Recover Lost Files" or "Recover Deleted Files" option. From the new screen choose the Android device from where your lost files

Restore Data on Android Phone After Factory Reset - Select Drive Screen

Fig 2: Choose the Android Drive

Step 3: The software scans your drive and returns all the lost or deleted files. Select your file and preview the files

Recover Data on Android Phone After Factory Reset  - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview File Screen